Biography - Doug McMillen Photography

My love for photography has grown out of my love of the outdoors, and wanting to share with people the beauty there. So the majority of my photos are of the outdoors, usually in a protected land, like a protected park or forest. But I also enjoy taking photos of the beauty that humans can create in cities, as well as the little details that make life interesting. In my "portfolio" section, the 6 galleries here (of 50 photos each) show those interests. They are separated into photos of landscapes, waterfalls, animals, flowers, cityscapes & architecture, and life's little details & patterns. I also have a section here for photos of some of my favorite areas: those protected by the US National Park Service; and a "special" section, where I post other collections, like from recent travels.

It's been wonderful what I have learned since starting to truly explore photography, the beautiful places I've gone, and the wonderful people with whom I've shared the time. I look forward to continuing to grow, and seeing new things.

My Flickr webpage has many more photos than are here, where I upload many times a week.

On Instagram I post mostly immediate photos taken with my phone.

On the website Blurb, I sell books with collections of my photos (in both physical and digital forms). And definitely email me at if you're interested in any prints.

Photos here taken by Scott Moore (x2), Cat Gottemaker, Neil Noland, Troy Paisley, John Morrison, and myself.

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